The Terrible Twos

I think after six months of being two, Ashton has crossed the threshold of the “terrible twos.”  These are the reasons I believe it to be true:

  • He threw a tantrum because he wanted to be upstairs AND downstairs at the same time.
  • He threw a tantrum because he wanted me to be on the couch AND in the kitchen at the same time.
  • He thought a celery stalk was disgusting, but freaked out when I went to throw it away.
  • He thought a baby carrot was disgusting,  but freaked out when I went to throw it away.
  • He says “I want to” (meaning I don’t want to) and crosses his arms to drive the point home.
  • He wants to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, but then throws a tantrum when I put it on.
  • He only wants to watch the “Pirate Mickey” episode of Mickey (we finally moved on from the Christmas episode).
  • He only wants to eat Elmo pouches (overpriced yogurt pouches).
  • He gives Gemma pieces of his snacks, and then freaks out that she’s eating his snacks.

Thankfully he is sleeping good and sweet as pie when I put him to bed.  It fills my heart up enough to forget his craziness and start all over in the morning! 🙂 ❤

Happy Thursday! xoxo

Friday Favorites: Things I’m Loving Lately

1. I went to Costco the other day by myself (what???) and had a chance to browse around.  I found these edamame noodles that have turned out to be AMAZING!

Edamame noodles for the win!

Edamame noodles for the win!

 They cook in 4-5 minutes, and even my picky toddler ate them (with earth balance (basically butter) on them).


2. I tried “just mayo” and it is “just” incredible.  No eggs.  No dairy.  Just quality ingredients and quality taste.  You won’t know the difference between this and regular mayo.  (and they sell it at some Target stores now).

Get in my belly.

Get in my belly.


3. Love cauliflower but hate chopping it?  Here’s an answer to your prayers: pre-washed, pre-chopped cauliflower for the price of buying a head of it in the produce section.  You’re welcome.

It doesn't get easier than this.

It doesn’t get easier than this.


4. This book:

This book will make you laugh, cry, and feel like Jen Hatmaker is your BFF.  Whatever season of life you are in, you will love it.  Actually, get the audiobook if you are into audiobooks (that’s how I am reading it).  She reads it herself and it feels like you are just sitting across the table talking to her.  She is the best.


5. The Zipadee-Zip.IMG_9028  This has been amazing for moving Gemma out of the swaddle without any problems.  If you are a fan of Shark Tank, it was featured on that show.  Gemma sleeps 11-13.5 hours at night, so I don’t think the zipadee hurts!


6. My cousin Mandy KILLING it.IMG_9026

She wrote an amazing 10 PAGE ARTICLE for TIME, and I couldn’t be prouder.  She is an amazing writer and an even more amazing person.  This article is so good and SO important.  Click the link and READ IT.


One Mom’s Recipe Trash Is A Toddler’s Treasure (A.K.A. reason 2,104 why I’m not a food blogger)

Saturday morning was pretty awesome.  Gemma slept the night before from 7:30pm until 9:15am, Ashton slept until 8:30am so I felt like I could do ANYTHING!  With all the super-power I had, I decided to make gluten-free veggie burgers from scratch while Gemma was taking her morning nap.

I based it loosely on a few recipes I found on-line (hindsight, maybe I should have tightened it up a bit and followed a recipe) and started tossing ingredients into the food processor.

First up, chickpeas:

IMG_8877Then some bell peppers and kale:IMG_8878

Combined all of that with a couple eggs, and then added some chickpea flour:IMG_8879

I added more flour because it didn’t seem thick enough and seasoned it with salt, pepper and garlic:IMG_8880

I heated a skillet to medium heat, oiled the pan and started:IMG_8881Flip:IMG_8882

I don’t know what I was expecting, but this wasn’t it:IMG_8884

It pretty much was a green pancake.  About six of them.  Blah.  They were a little dry, a little bland and definitely gave me admiration for all the companies out there that make them successfully.  I was going to toss them, until……

Turns out my picky-eater toddler loved them (dipped in ketchup of course)!

I shouldn't be surprised he loves ketchup seeing that this was his very first Halloween costume.

I shouldn’t be surprised he loves ketchup seeing that this was his very first Halloween costume.

The kid who typically won’t eat much other than cheese and pasta ate almost all of these veggie-packed, tasteless discs.

I’ll call it a WIN!




Ashton Levi Lately

It’s been a while since I have written about Ashton.  Since he is almost TWO (what????) I thought I would write a little about him.

He is awesome.

Okay, well that was a great catch up, see ya later!

Just kidding (well, not kidding about the awesome part).

Ashton is a really, really great kid.  It’s hard to even remember him as a baby, those times really do fly by and seem like a blur.

Baby Ashton burrito.

Baby Ashton burrito.

Now he is just a big (I’m guessing 35+ pounds) fun-loving, good-hearted toddler.

He wakes up happy and hungry.  He eats oatmeal every morning, and doesn’t seem like he is getting sick of it yet.

Breakfast.  (oatmeal not pictured)

Breakfast. (oatmeal not pictured) (crazy bed-head hair pictured)

He plays on his own so wonderfully, and usually starts playing as soon as I let him out of his high chair after breakfast.  He loves a variety of toys, but he especially loves his mega blocks, cooking/food toys and trucks.  And his stuffed animals.  And Elmo. He likes all of his toys. 🙂

As for TV shows, he went through a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse phase where all he wanted to watch was “show!” He called MMCH “show” and I found myself getting those songs stuck in my head ALL THE TIME.  I couldn’t wait for that phase to pass.



Well, it passed.  Now he is obsessed with Super Why!IMG_8107  He calls it “Why” and asks for it all the time.  It wears on me a little, but not as much as Mickey did.  I actually feel like he is learning letters/the alphabet with this show.  He points out letters wherever we go.

I downloaded an episode onto my iPad, so when the satellite or power has gone out, he can be entertained with it.

Can't. Get. Close. Enough.

Can’t. Get. Close. Enough.

He still watches Jeopardy and Wheel Of Fortune in the evenings, and I even got this picture of Ashton and Gemma watching Wheel together. ❤

A family that watches "Wheel" together, stays together.

A family that watches “Wheel” together, stays together.

As for his sleeping, he naps everyday around 1:30 for 2-3 hours.  At night he goes to bed around 8 (after Wheel) and sleeps about 12 hours.  He never really fights it, and people are amazed at how he can go from running around and playing to getting plopped in his crib without a problem in a matter of minutes.  He is happy as a clam to just play around in his crib in the morning, so sometimes he plays in there until 9:30am.  Seriously, it’s so great!

We still go walking about 5 days a week.  He got used to the double stroller, no problems.  He usually has water and crackers that he munches on during the walks.  He loves seeing the dogs and airplanes when we walk.

Speaking of airplanes, I found his toy plane like this a couple days ago.



As for food, he likes his raviolis, but only the cheese ones.



He won’t touch any other with meat, etc. in them.  He loves goldfish crackers, cheez-it crackers, granola bars, honey nut Cheerios, Chex cereal, applesauce, American cheese, mandarin oranges, quinoa (when cheese is melted on it), potato chips and french fries (his dad sneaks him), blueberry pancakes (just started on these), etc.  He drinks only water and milk, but will ONLY drink milk from a bottle still.  He won’t drink it from a cup.  He drinks water just fine from a cup, but that is it.  He doesn’t like juice.  Just water.  Just milk in a bottle.  The end. 🙂  I figure he will eventually grow out of the bottle.  I don’t think he will be drinking out of one when he goes to high school.  I hope.

I had a new baby sitter come over to watch Gemma while I took Ashton to the zoo the other day.  My thought process is to let her stay with each kid separately before unleashing them both on her at once.  When it was time to load Ashton into the van and head to the zoo, he was telling me “bye!”  He wanted me to go ahead and go because he was having fun playing blocks with the babysitter.

I pried him away and we headed to the zoo for a short visit.  It was really nice, and I wished we had more time to spend there.  He loved looking around at the new environment.  He was much littler and unaware of what the zoo was last year when I was taking him, so it is much more fun for both of us now since he can see and identify the animals.

We didn’t get to see many exhibits, but I made sure to go through and see the gorillas, etc.  I thought this would be interesting for him since they can get so close to the glass.  I was wrong.

His "get me away from the gorilla exhibit" face.

His “get me away from the gorilla exhibit” face.


Nope, don't like them.

Nope, don’t like them.  Not even if you hold me.

He was not a fan.  I couldn’t even get his picture with the big fake gorilla.  He just yelled “No! No! No!”

Sorry, fake gorilla.

Sorry, fake gorilla.

He liked the flamingoes and was interested in the merry-go-round… Not exactly the two things I would write home about.  We will work on more animals next time.

That’s about all for this jumbly, bumbly post.  I wanted to get some stuff written down before I forgot, because it’s pretty incredible how quickly I forget different stages.  Like I said, I hardly remember when he was a baby, so I want to have memories to look back on when I can’t remember Ashton as a toddler. ❤


Happy Wednesday! xo


The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Haircut

So a little over a month ago, I took Ashton back to Cookie Cutter’s to get his hair trimmed again. I think it has taken me this long to get over it, so that is why I am just now talking about the incident. 🙂 His bangs had been getting in his eyes for long enough that I felt it was time. I didn’t trust myself to do it, nor did I want to even attempt trimming his bangs. He is constantly moving, and it wouldn’t have ended well for either of us. So during the week that my mom was staying with me to help with Gemma, we loaded both kiddos up in the van and headed to get Ashton’s hair trimmed.

We love Ashton’s hair. It is long and shaggy, and fits his free-spirit personality. I get comments like “when are you going to cut his hair?” Or “Why are you letting it grow?” Even the occasional “SHE’S precious.” The comments don’t phase us (or him for that matter). So when I took him to get a trim, I wasn’t thinking it would turn into a catastrophe.

My mom stayed in the van with Gemma, and I took Ashton in. We had and appointment, so the wait wasn’t long. But until it was his turn, he was able to play in the treehouse play area.IMG_7181

"Before" shot

“Before” shot

He was called up, and this time he sat in the John Deere truck.  The lady seemed a little frazzled, but it was the end of the day and she said it had been busy.  I should’ve just left then.  She put his smock on and then asked what I wanted done.  I told her just a trim so his bangs don’t get in his eyes.

He wasn't quite sure what was going on...

He wasn’t quite sure what was going on…

Distracting him with a comb.

Distracting him with a comb.

She then told me he had a “girl’s” haircut and it should be shaped up more like a “boy’s.”  Really?  I am kicking myself now for not saying anything to that comment now.  I blame it on my hormones from being only a few weeks postpartum.  Actually, you would think with crazy hormones I would’ve gone off on her.  I guess she got lucky.  😉

She started cutting and told me to have him watch something on my phone so he would sit still.  Ummm, he’s a toddler, they don’t sit still.  Seriously lady, it wouldn’t have hurt you to be friendly.  He watched my phone (the camera reversed so he could see himself), had a sucker and was a COMPLETE ANGEL.  While I was letting him watch the phone though, Edward Scissorhands was going crazy!IMG_7555


I told her that was good, that we didn’t want it shorter, and she kept snipping to “finish.”  She asked me if the bangs were at a good length for me, and I told her “you can’t put any back now!”  Don’t even get me started on how much she took off the back.  My stomach was on the floor.  It was like I got a bad haircut, times 10.


Even he is like “are you serious about this cut?”

I tried to be happy so Ashton would stay positive.  He did such a good job, I didn’t want him to think it was bad.  We paid what I thought was a ridiculous amount for such poor service, and left.  I wanted to cry.IMG_7185

Once we got home he ate and then I gave him a bath in hopes that his hair would magically get washed back on.  The lady styled it so he looked like Hayley Mills in the old Parent Trap movie.IMG_7556  If she thought he looked like a girl before, I don’t know how she thought her styling had improved that look.  So we washed it and got it looking a little better.

Did I mention it was St. Paddy’s Day?  I wondered if it would be odd if I had him wear this hat until it grew out…IMG_7201

Anyway, we survived and it has grown back enough that it seems like his old hair.IMG_7514  It will be a while until we go back to that place, if we ever do.  If we do we will request another “stylist” and my husband will definitely be there to be more “forceful” about what we want done, haha!

Live and learn!