One Mom’s Recipe Trash Is A Toddler’s Treasure┬á(A.K.A. reason 2,104 why I’m not a food blogger)

Saturday morning was pretty awesome.  Gemma slept the night before from 7:30pm until 9:15am, Ashton slept until 8:30am so I felt like I could do ANYTHING!  With all the super-power I had, I decided to make gluten-free veggie burgers from scratch while Gemma was taking her morning nap.

I based it loosely on a few recipes I found on-line (hindsight, maybe I should have tightened it up a bit and followed a recipe) and started tossing ingredients into the food processor.

First up, chickpeas:

IMG_8877Then some bell peppers and kale:IMG_8878

Combined all of that with a couple eggs, and then added some chickpea flour:IMG_8879

I added more flour because it didn’t seem thick enough and seasoned it with salt, pepper and garlic:IMG_8880

I heated a skillet to medium heat, oiled the pan and started:IMG_8881Flip:IMG_8882

I don’t know what I was expecting, but this wasn’t it:IMG_8884

It pretty much was a green pancake.  About six of them.  Blah.  They were a little dry, a little bland and definitely gave me admiration for all the companies out there that make them successfully.  I was going to toss them, until……

Turns out my picky-eater toddler loved them (dipped in ketchup of course)!

I shouldn't be surprised he loves ketchup seeing that this was his very first Halloween costume.

I shouldn’t be surprised he loves ketchup seeing that this was his very first Halloween costume.

The kid who typically won’t eat much other than cheese and pasta ate almost all of these veggie-packed, tasteless discs.

I’ll call it a WIN!




Apple Cake


Today during nap time, I decided to finally try a fall baking recipe I pinned couple weeks ago. With October here and fall weather almost in full swing, I wanted something seasonal to munch on. Enter: Heather’s Apple Snack Cake recipe!
This originally caught my eye because the day before I saw the recipe, Ashton had gobbled up samples of apple cake at the grocery store. Instead of buying that cake with all kinds of ingredients, preservatives, etc, this seemed to be a much better choice.

It turned out great (and the house smelled wonderful when it was baking)!

I had an unfortunate incident where one of my apples fell into the trash when I was peeling it­čś│, so I bet the cake would be even better with more apple! ┬áIt really was quick to put together, so I would recommend trying it (I will be making this again).