Gemma Paisley 8 Months

Tap, tap, tap… Is this thing on?



Oh, hi!  I am jumping back on here to dust the old blog off and give an update on Gemma.  Our 8 MONTH OLD Gemma!  Same thing as always, I cannot believe eight months have passed.  Wow.IMG_9708

Gemma is a happy, laid back eight month old, and she brings so much joy everyday.  Her two-toothed smile is contagious and makes my heart want to burst.IMG_9103  She loves attention from her brother, and seeing them start to interact with each other is so sweet.IMG_9613IMG_9722

She is eating baby food about twice a day, and formula in between.  She’s not big on savory items yet, but she will eat anything with bananas in it like it’s going out of style.IMG_9725

A few weeks ago Gemma started sitting up on her own.  I came into the living room to find her sitting up and she hasn’t stopped since.  It’s really cute how proud she gets just sitting around.  A few days ago she started crawling on her hands and knees rather than inch-worming like she had been doing.  She’s pretty quick and it’s looking like some new baby gates might need to be put up.

Just sittin' around.

Just sittin’ around.

Gemma’s sleeping great.  Two naps a day and about 12 hours at night.  Woohoo!  Her morning nap is usually during a walk and then she and Ashton both take long afternoon naps at the same time.  This is glorious!  She goes to bed around 7:30pm (after Jeopardy!) (priorities).

Morning nap.

Morning nap.

Other odds & ends about Gemma:

  • Her hair is filling in, and is the same color as Ashton’s was at that age.
  • She has two teeth, but I think a bunch more are going to poke through soon.
  • I’m guessing she’s over 20 pounds.
  • She’s wearing 12 month clothes and size 4 diapers.
  • She loves the Mickey and Super Why shows like Ashton.
  • She still sleeps in Zipadee Zip sacks from Shark Tank.

We love you Gemma Paisley!


Gemma Paisley – 6 Months


6 Months!

A whole HALF A YEAR has passed since Gemma was born.  So hard to wrap my brain around that little nugget of information.  So now I have a 25 month old (I think it’s time for me to stop referring to Ashton’s age in months.  He is 2 and some change) and a 6 month old.  I would have never believed you if you told me three years ago that this would be my life.  But, I wouldn’t have it ANY other way.  These two kiddos have stolen my heart and make me think it might burst with love for them at times.  Especially when they are both napping at the same time… Just saying’ 🙂

At the six month well visit, Gemma weighed 17 pounds 13 ounces and measured 27.5 inches.  She’s in the 80th and 90th percentile respectively.  We have large kids.  I knew she had gained weight because lately by evening, my arms feel weak like I have been working out.

She loved the mirror at the well-visit.

She loved the mirror at the well-visit.

Here’s a little about Gemma at 6 months old:

She’s a really good sleeper (yippee).  At 4.5 months I tried doing a little sleep training with her naps, but she was too young and it didn’t work.  So, we just waited it out and let it happen on its own (for the most part).  Once she was about 5 months old, her naps started to fall into place and now she naps two times a day.  I have found that if we go walking in the morning, she’ll nap a little and then take a long nap in the afternoon when Ashton does.  This is ideal (and why I am blogging in the middle of the day right now, haha).

Gemma has been sleeping through the night from a young age, but getting her bedtime under control has been the biggest help lately.  She was staying up a little too late and I was missing some of her sleep cues.  If she got over-tired, it actually made it harder to get her to sleep.  So after a couple nights of letting her cry for just a bit (not nearly as bad as when I sleep-trained Ashton), she goes to bed at 7:30 and sleeps until 8am or longer.  YESSSS!

Along with sleeping great, she is also eating really great (obviously if she’s gained 3+ pounds in two months).  We started trying some foods around 4.5 months, and now she will pretty much eat anything.  It took giving her sweet potatoes in the beginning (something tastier than that bland rice cereal) to get her interested in figuring out how to eat off the spoon.  Now she’s eaten everything, beans, rice, fruits, veggies (all pureed) along with her formula.  Oh, and she can now hold her bottle and drink it on her own.

All by herself.

All by herself.

In her new big chair! Now I don't have to sit on the floor to feed her in her bouncy chair. Thanks GG!

In her new big chair! Now I don’t have to sit on the floor to feed her in her bouncy chair. Thanks GG!

Personality-wise, she is really laid back.  She probably has to be with Ashton running around, but she is just so chill.  And happy.  She is so smiley and giggly.  She has really started to babble a lot lately too, I think she is going to be a little chatterbox.

She has been rolling for a while, but just started getting up on her hands and knees.  She is so close to crawling!

Sooooo close!

Sooooo close!

She doesn’t sit on her own, but can when supported.  If she had her choice, she would stand all the time.  Her legs are so strong and she just loves being up on her feet.  She will definitely start walking earlier than Ashton’s first steps at 15 months.  IMG_8829

We go to church every Sunday, and she loves the music.  She also loves entertaining the people behind us with her smiles.


Other odds and ends:

  • Right now she has two teeth on the bottom, but I think the others aren’t too far behind.
  • A lot of her hair has fallen out, but some seems to be growing back in.
  • She has some cradle cap dandruff that is almost gone.
  • Her eyes are BLUE and sooooo pretty.
  • She rides in the van like a champ.
  • She chews on everything.

And that is 6 month old Gemma in a nutshell!  Happy Wednesday!


Over The Weekend (And Monday) – A Wrapup

On Saturday, I had a total “zen” day.  Whatever that is.  For me, it was a yoga class (my first non-prenatal, non-baby yoga class in a loooong time) by myself and using a gift card for an 80 minute massage.  You read that right.  80 GLORIOUS minutes.  I contemplated locking myself into the massage room and hibernating on that heated massage table after it was over.

Also on Saturday, Gemma Paisley turned FOUR months old!   IMG_8376IMG_8383IMG_8384She has so much personality and is just so darned cute ❤

Also, I had my dad set up Ashton’s monitor on an old tripod so I would be able to see him better in his crib. IMG_8351

It’s working wonderfully!

The only thing that didn’t work wonderfully was Gemma going to bed that night.  Ugh!  For some reason all she wanted to do was stay up, wide-eyed and watch TV.IMG_8353

This was my search on Amazon that night… IMG_8357

She finally went to bed around midnight.  So much for all those massaged muscles :/  Luckily, she slept in on Sunday morning.  Thanks to her sleeping in and a couple cups of coffee, I didn’t feel too badly.  Yay!

We finally had a break from the rain on Sunday morning, so we headed out for a walk.  I was able to wear my new awesome running shoes for the first time.  Oh. My.  They are sooooo comfortable.  You don’t realize how much you have worn down your running shoes until you put on a brand new pair.  It was like walking on a cloud!IMG_8374


Sunday was relaxing, and both kids napped at the same time, yippee!  During nap time I got a loooong shower and started going through some old CDs.  It was so fun to see some old mixes and CDs I listened to over and over again back in the day.  This is one of the gems I found:IMG_8388

A signed Rascal Flatts’ CD.  This is right before they made it REALLY big.  They were playing at a “women’s show” here in Columbus.  They look SOOOO young!

Sunday was also Father’s Day, so Ashton and I walked some cards down to my dad/Papaw.

IMG_8390Ashton loooooooves going for walks outside now, so this pretty much made his day.  That and brushing his teeth.  Hey, whatever floats your boat, kid. 🙂

To wrap it up, on monday I got some serious organizing done.  The kids’ clothes had pretty much taken over the area under the tv lately, so it was time to go through what they could still use, what they could use later on and what they won’t be able to wear again.

These are just Ashton's clothes. Luckily he's been in 2T-4T for a while, so he might be able to wear a lot of his cooler temp clothes again in the fall.

These are just Ashton’s clothes. Luckily he’s been in 2T-4T for a while, so he might be able to wear a lot of his cooler temp clothes again in the fall.

Ashton's newly organized clothes.

Ashton’s newly organized clothes.

The socks organized- his & hers.

The socks organized- his & hers.

Gemma's newly organized clothes.

Gemma’s newly organized clothes.

Much easier to find and get to their clothing now.  Hopefully it can stay organized for a while!

And then there is the Pack & Play.  It had slowly become a storage unit for diapers, wipes, etc, etc, etc…  I want to be able to use it for Gemma sometimes, so I got some clearance storage bins to put stuff in so it can easily be lifted out and Gemma put in.

The finished product.  Now usable for more than storage!

The finished product. Now usable for more than storage!

And that wraps it up!  We are off to Gemma’s 4 month well visit today.  Have a great Tuesday!



10 Weeks of Gemma Paisley


10 weeks have passed since Gemma arrived in our lives, and it’s hard to wrap my mind around the fact that it has been that long.  It was FREEZING that morning when we left to go to the hospital (negative wind chill temperatures) and now spring has sprung and it is nearing 80 degrees today.  Not only has the 10 weeks brought changes in the weather, but Gemma has changed so much too.

She’s gone from being a little eight pound newborn to a more “full figured” baby.  I don’t know what day it happened, but she went from a newborn to a baby in a blink of an eye.  At her two-month appointment she was already 12.5 pounds, and I think by now she is at 13 or more.  She was still swimming in the three month sized clothes she had for a while, and then BOOM! Now I am thinking she might need the six month sized items I had been saving because it would be a “long time” before she would need them.  I forgot how quickly time passes with babies and how fast they grow.  **insert sobs**

Not only is her size changing, but her personality is really starting to come out too.  She is smiling and cooing so much.  She is SUCH  a happy baby, especially in the morning when she wakes up.  She loves laying in her boppy pillow while her  brother has breakfast.  She looks around at the ceiling and decorations like they are the coolest things in the world.  She can really “see” things much more now, and it is fun to watch her look around.  She’s close to laughing, and I have heard her giggle just a bit in her sleep every once in a while.  It’s just the cutest.

Smiles :)

Smiles 🙂

She is sleeping like a champ, yippee!  Nighttime is the hardest right now, it takes a little time to to soothe her to sleep.  But, she usually is out by 9pm-ish.  Around 10 or 10:30 I get her up to eat (sort of a “dream feed”) and then she goes to bed and sleeps for eight hours or so.

All swaddled up!

All swaddled up!

Around 6:30am she gets back up to eat and then goes back to sleep until after 10am.  I’m not complaining ONE BIT!  Those sleep-deprived days/nights are hard, but they do pass quickly.  I can hardly remember them now.  I am trying to remember that in the evenings when she is a little fussier… it will pass in a blink of an eye.

As for eating, Gemma is on all formula.  I was able to nurse for about 7 or 8 weeks, and then decided it was for the best to wean off of it before her 2-month vaccines.  The Similac Sensitive has been working really great for her (we started using the sensitive formula when she was having some “spit-up issues” early on) but now that her digestive system is much more developed, I’ll probably start seeing how other formulas work.

Bottles... Yummmmm!

Bottles… Yummmmm!

Gemma loves going for walks in the stroller.  And by love, I mean she falls asleep as soon as we start moving (she also sleeps when we take her on car rides).  I am so glad that both of my kids enjoy walks, because I LOVE getting out and walking in the fresh air… it does everybody good! 🙂  We have also been doing Mom & Baby yoga classes.  It is more just a way to get out of the house, but it is nice to be around the other mamas with new babies.

Along for the ride at yoga.

Along for the ride at yoga.

That about wraps it for Gemma at 10 weeks.  I get excited to see what she will start doing next, but at the same time I just want to freeze time and keep her this little.  We love you, little girl! ❤️❤️❤️


Gemma Paisley: 2 Weeks New

Before I start, this is us surviving the time change over the weekend…IMG_7046

Ok, on to the update!

It’s been two weeks since baby Gemma was born.  It has flown by, but at the same time it kind of feels like she has always been here.  It is funny how before her arrival I wondered how it would be possible to love another child like I love Ashton, and the BOOM, my heart opened up and grew and I now feel like I love them both more than I ever loved anything before in my life.  I think having Gemma has made me softer and more loving than I have ever been.  Ok, I am off my sappy-sweet soapbox.  For a minute, anyway.

Kisses for his sister the first day home <3

Kisses for his sister the first day home ❤

As for Gemma?  She is doing great!  At her five-day appointment she had gained a few ounces back.  She was up to 7’11”, only a few ounces shy of her birth weight.  I think she has probably reached her birth weight and maybe a couple ounces past now, but we will find out this week at her two week appointment.  She is eating great and breast feeding is going smoothly.  Right on her two week mark, she had a major feast.  She seemed to want to nurse about every 30 minutes!  I felt like that whole day was spent nursing and (me) trying to eat to keep up with it.  By the next day she was back to more of a routine (as routine as a newborn can be), and I was able to do more than just sit on the couch and feed her.

Post-milk coma.

Post-milk coma.

She still wears newborn sized clothing and diapers (although sometimes she will wear size 1 diapers if that is what I reach for, they are just a little big).  I tried to put three month clothes on her, and they are just way too big.  It is so crazy to actually have a baby that wears newborn clothing since Ashton was never able to wear them comfortably.

I have had a LOT of fun dressing her up with hair bows!  The girlie things are SO. MUCH. FUN.

Ohio State spirit!

Ohio State spirit!

Littlest Buckeye!

Littlest Buckeye!

All the pink bows <3

All the pink bows ❤

Her sleeping is going nicely.  The first week I slept downstairs in the recliner (so I wouldn’t have to do stairs), but now we all sleep up in our bedroom.  She sleeps in a little sleeper next to my side of the bed.  She eats around 10:30-11pm and then sleeps for about three hours.  Around 2am she eats and then goes back to sleep for a couple hours and then does the same thing one more time.  I think I have been averaging about 7 hours of (broken) sleep, which has been great!  I have been feeling more rested than I have in a while since I wasn’t sleeping well for the last month or so of pregnancy.  Yes, getting up to feed her during the night is rough, but it seems to go quickly and then I can crash out again.



More sleeping...

More sleeping…

Gemma seems to be an easy newborn, but I think anything would seem easier than last time.  Ashton was a bit of a fussy baby and I was super sick, so it was a whole different animal.  Gemma only cries if she is hungry or getting a diaper change.  The girl does not like those diaper changes!

What was left of her umbilical cord just fell off, so now she has a normal looking belly button.  This makes the diapering a lot easier.  Right around the two week mark she also started becoming more alert and opening her eyes more.  I am not sure what color her eyes are yet, they seem to look different in different lighting.

Ashton is adjusting without much of a problem.  He loves to give Gemma kisses, and is genuinely concerned when she cries.  There have been a couple times where his eyes well up and he gets visibly upset when she cries.  It makes me want to cry!  He is such a big bruiser of a kid, but he has such a big heart and can be so sensitive. ❤

He's already a protective big brother.

He’s already a protective big brother.

Lounging before bedtime.

Lounging before bedtime.

Happy Monday!

Friday Favorites: Gemma’s Birth Story

Today’s Friday Favorites is the story of Gemma’s arrival 💕


The day before Gemma was born, my husband made it back into town! Phew! This was a huge weight off my shoulders because I felt like the baby was starting to get close to arriving on her own. Luckily she held off until my scheduled c-section date on Friday the 20th. 😊

But before I get to that, here’s what I did the day before. I picked up my husband at the airport, and we headed home to see Ashton before his nap. The temps were single-digits out with wind chills of below-zero, so Ashton was not going outdoors. After Ashton went down for his nap, my dad came over to hangout so we could go to lunch and run errands.

We went to lunch at a Greek restaurant we love. We told the server that the baby was arriving the next day, and all the staff was excited for us. They gave us the yummiest salted Carmel chocolates on the house to celebrate! So sweet! After that we went to the mall and Target for some last minute items to be ready for the next day and also when we came home from the hospital.

After the running around we came home and hung out with Ashton until bedtime. It was really tugging at my emotions knowing it was the last time I would see him when he was the only child. He’s been my little buddy for so long, and especially the last month of pregnancy while I was less mobile. We let him stay up a little later than normal that night. ☺️

I showered my last pre-baby shower, made sure everything was packed and then had a big bowl of ice cream for my last meal (it was getting close to my cut-off time for eating and didn’t want to eat a big meal.  That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it).  Then it was off to bed.  Ha! Who was I kidding that I would sleep?! I maybe got 3-4 hours.  Maybe.

We had to be at the hospital at 7:30am, but at 4am I think I finally gave into the sleeplessness and got up. It killed me not to be able to drink anything (especially my beloved coffee). I survived on adrenaline and nerves, finished a little blog post, finished last minute packing (chargers, etc) and took a few final bump pics.


(Side note, can I just say how much I love this Evy’s Tree hoodie?! The company is incredible and makes such great pieces)

My belly was in full-force that morning! I definitely looked bigger than with Ashton (and he was a huge baby)!

Then it was time! My mom arrived to stay with Ashton and we headed out.

We got to the hospital, valet parked and made our way to labor & delivery. Wow, my nerves were taking over. It was my first c-section and fear of the unknown was taking over. I was practicing a lot of breathing techniques I learned in yoga, and it did help some.

I got set up in the triage room, had bloodwork done and hooked up to an IV. The different doctors I would see in the operating room stopped in to explain the procedures, and then we waited to get all the tests back in order to head in. I asked a few doctors if they would give me something for my nerves, but that wasn’t going to happen 😄 In the meantime my hubby got in his scrubs.

When we were all ready, the nurse walked us to the operating room (I was surprised that I walked to the room, but since they don’t give you the spinal until you’re in the OR, it makes sense).  My husband took stuff to a locker and then waited outside the OR until I was ready. While he waited, I was taken into the OR with all the people I had met in the triage room. The OR was cold, but they gave me warm blankets when I got on the table. Everything happened quickly. I was given the spinal (it wasn’t bad at all) and then they quickly man-handled me to lay me flat on my back.  It sets in quick, so my lower body got warm and tingly and then I couldn’t feel a thing. When they tested to see if I felt anything, all it felt like was fingertips tapping on my belly. Apparently that’s what they were hoping for, so who knows what they were actually tapping me with. 😳  The curtain was put up so I couldn’t see anything, and then my husband was brought in.

He was seated right by my head, and was told he could watch as much or as little as he wanted. What?! I told him not to watch so he wouldn’t pass out, but much to my surprise he actually watched a lot of it! I couldn’t have watched if roles were reversed. I talked some and think I just kept saying how weird the whole thing was. It probably was about 10-15 minutes when they said they were going to be delivering the baby and I would feel like the doctor was standing on me. It really did.

Then I heard her cry. It’s what I prayed for, to hear her cry to know she was okay. I started tearing up and crying a little myself. They said she was crying and not even out all the way. They also said she had a lot of hair! Next thing I know they were showing her to me on me left side. She was crying and perfect. My husband went with them while they cleaned her off, etc and then the next thing I knew he was sitting next to me again holding her all wrapped up in the hospital blanket ❤️It Was another 20 minutes or so that they put me back together, an we just looked at the baby. She was so precious. I asked my husband if she felt as heavy as Ashton did, and he said no. They wouldn’t weigh and measure her until we got to the post-op recovery area.

I don’t remember  going to the post-op area, but we got there and I tried nursing. She latched on right away, crazy! After she nursed a bit, they took her to get weighed, etc.  She was 8 pounds even and 21 inches of perfection.

In order to leave the post-op area, I had to be able to bend/lift my knees up.  This was more difficult than it sounded. We ended up having to wait a couple hours because apparently the anesthesiologist had a heavy hand that day 😉 I’d rather that than feeling anything during the surgery, though!

Once we got to the postpartum room (where we would be for the remainder of the stay), we sent announcements and Facebook posts out to our friends and family of the baby’s arrival 💕 Soon after, visitors started coming to meet baby Gemna.

We stayed Friday-Tuesday (this time around I wanted all the help and healing time I could get before starting our “new normal”) with the wonderful nurses and care I could ask for.

The first two days I was sooooo thirsty and not very hungry. The second day was the most painful (which I had heard was the case). That day they took out the catheter and made me get up a couple times. The getting up was painful and difficult, but I kept thinking about what friends and the nurses said “each time gets easier.”  And it did. Around 5am Sunday I noticed a big change for the better in pain and mobility, and after my full-octane soy vanilla latte my brother and SIL brought me, I felt pretty darn good! 😊

I had a Remicade infusion Saturday night to ward off any colitis flare-up that could occur, and so far I haven’t had any issues! Yay!!!

The rest of the stay was uneventful. Each day got easier, I was able to do laps around the hospital hallway and my appetite started to return. I gave all the nurses these little tokens of appreciation



And Tuesday morning we loaded up and headed home!



And that is the beginning of how Gemma Paisley was brought into this world!