Houston, We Have A Two Year Old

On July 25th, Ashton turned two, nbd (mom, that means “no big deal”).  Haha, just kidding.  It’s HUGE!  How do I have a two-year-old when I feel like I am still a kid?IMG_8123

 Wasn’t Ashton JUST BORN??

Newborn Ashton

Newborn Ashton

It’s so true what “they” say, “the days go by slow, but the years fly.” (or something like that)  Some days seem like they go on and on and on and on…. But then bedtime comes, I go to sleep, wake up and all of a sudden my baby is a kid.  A walking, talking, loving, kid.

It's a Twinkie, don't judge. :)

It’s a Twinkie, don’t judge. 🙂


Ashton is such a gentle giant.  He is BIG for his age, and has been from the beginning.  99th percentile in height and 87th percentile in weight.  Yowza!  He was pretty happy to be at the doctor for his 2 year well visit.



We didn’t plan a huge “pinterest-y” party, but it did cover all the key interests Ashton has at the moment (Super Why, Elmo, family). ❤

The night before his birthday I set up the kitchen table for when he got up in the morning:

Super Why!

Super Why!

This made me get so excited for the holidays, Christmas will be SO MUCH FUN to celebrate with the kids this year.

The two year old!

The two year old!

IMG_8703The cake was Sesame Street themed (Elmo is the only thing that matters though, ha)!IMG_8713

He ate a little bit of icing, but I think the adults enjoyed the cake the most 🙂

Ashton was spoiled by all of the family in town.  Toys, clothes, puzzles, and going for walks.

Here are a few tidbits about Ashton at age TWO:

  1.  He loves letters and knows all of the letters (upper and lower case).
  2. He is less nervous around Gemma and genuinely likes her.
  3. He loves to hold our hand to go for walks.
  4. He loves going to church and playing in the nursery there.  It is hard to get him to leave now.
  5. He loves McDonalds fries and strawberry milkshakes.  (Dada spoils him with those)
  6. He sleeps 2-3 hours during the day and about 12 hours at night.
  7. He eats oatmeal almost every morning.
  8. He is very picky with food the rest of the day.  Macaroni and cheese and ravioli are staples.
  9. He won’t eat meat.
  10. He loves to give and receive hugs.
  11. I can’t remember what life was like before him.
  12. Even though I can’t remember him as a baby, I can’t believe two years have passed.

We love you Ashton Levi!

37 Random Ramblings

I turned 37 years old on May 29th, so here are 37 random ramblings:


1.  I don’t feel 37.

2.  I don’t know what 37 is supposed to feel like.

3.  My brother and sister-in-law get me the most awesome running shoes (that I walk in), and gifted me another new pair for my b-day.

4.  My husband is pretty awesome.  He drove 16 hours this past weekend to come home for my birthday.

5.  I am now a morning person.  The kids made me do it.

6.  I LOVE coffee.

7.  I love walking.  It is so nice to be getting the miles in again after having Gemma.

8.  I want to get back into yoga.  Prenatal yoga was a big part of my pregnancy with Gemma, and it made me feel great.  I want to continue to practice.

9.  My ulcerative colitis has remained in remission, and I am so thankful for this.

10.  For me, recovery from the c-section was much easier.

11.  I’m consistently wearing shoe size 9.5 (I told you random).

12.  I am a much more confident with my parenting the second time around.

13.  I am much more confident in general now that I am a parent.

14.  I am much more comfortable in my own skin than I ever have been.  Only took 37 years…

15.  I cherish my friendships.  The “real” friendships are few, but strong.  Those are the important ones.

16.  I cherish my family (immediate and extended) more than I ever have.  Family is the MOST important.

17.  My hair is in the best shape in a LOOONG time.  Just in time for it to start falling out (the big postpartum shed).

18.  I have the iPhone 6+ and love it.

19.  I read more now that I have the bigger phone.

20.  I forgot how much I love reading.

21.  I am excited that Ashton is finally getting interested in books and not just chewing on them.

22.  It’s amazing how my mood/outlook on life differentiates with the amount of sleep I get.

23.  I prefer cool weather over the heat.

24.  I eat highly vegetarian, but not exclusively.

25.  I love a really good burger.  My current favorite is from Flip Side at Easton.

26.  I don’t like houseplants.  I don’t want the responsibility of watering them.

27.  I would love a vegetable garden, but I don’t want to plant it.  I just want to do the upkeep and harvesting.

28.  I eat highly gluten free, and notice the difference when I over-indulge in gluten.

29.  I love The Today Show, The Food Network and The Voice.

30.  We watch Jeopardy and Wheel Of Fortune every week night, and over the weekends I actually look forward to Mondays when we will be able to watch them again.

31.  I want to visit Italy, Australia and London (again).

32.  It’s been three years since we got married in Vegas.

33.  I love S’more flavored Luna bars, and eat one almost everyday.

34.  Most of the time I prefer savory over sweet.

35.  I prefer texting over phone calls.  Mostly because it is hard to have a conversation on the phone with two littles.

36.  I wonder what I did with all the free time I had before kids.

37.  I wouldn’t trade having my kids for all the free time in the world.