This time of year (heck, life in general) can get pretty crazy.  Worrying about getting all of the holiday shopping done, lack of sleep from one kid teething and the other getting a cold, responding to texts/emails, decorating for Christmas, etc, etc, etc.  I know I am not alone in feeling like I get swallowed up by these stresses.

But then something comes along and pierces you so sharply in the heart that everything is put back in perspective.

Today as alarm clocks were going off, coffee being sipped, people going to work and kids going to school, a friend of mine was going to the hospital to be induced.  Only this friend was probably not going to come home with her baby girl.  And she won’t.  Her baby was born and passed all in the same day.  They didn’t know what to expect (they’ve know about her Trisomy 18 condition since my friend was 20 weeks pregnant), but were hoping to just meet her, hoping for a miracle.  We all were.

I think about when I was going to the hospital to have Gemma almost 10 months ago, and I had nervous excitement and anticipation.  And then I think about the feelings my friend must have had today on her drive.  I can’t even imagine, can’t really even process it.  My friend has shown such grace and love and unwavering faith during this pregnancy, and my heart is just breaking for them.

I know that I am very far removed from their situation, but it has pierced my heart.  But if there is anything positive that I can take away, it is that I will not take my blessings for granted anymore- my kids, my family, my friends, everything.  They are all so important to me.

Heaven has gained a new precious angel today.  If you get a chance today, say a prayer for my friend, her family and their young daughters to have some peace.

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