Over The Weekend (And Monday) – A Wrapup

On Saturday, I had a total “zen” day.  Whatever that is.  For me, it was a yoga class (my first non-prenatal, non-baby yoga class in a loooong time) by myself and using a gift card for an 80 minute massage.  You read that right.  80 GLORIOUS minutes.  I contemplated locking myself into the massage room and hibernating on that heated massage table after it was over.

Also on Saturday, Gemma Paisley turned FOUR months old!   IMG_8376IMG_8383IMG_8384She has so much personality and is just so darned cute ❤

Also, I had my dad set up Ashton’s monitor on an old tripod so I would be able to see him better in his crib. IMG_8351

It’s working wonderfully!

The only thing that didn’t work wonderfully was Gemma going to bed that night.  Ugh!  For some reason all she wanted to do was stay up, wide-eyed and watch TV.IMG_8353

This was my search on Amazon that night… IMG_8357

She finally went to bed around midnight.  So much for all those massaged muscles :/  Luckily, she slept in on Sunday morning.  Thanks to her sleeping in and a couple cups of coffee, I didn’t feel too badly.  Yay!

We finally had a break from the rain on Sunday morning, so we headed out for a walk.  I was able to wear my new awesome running shoes for the first time.  Oh. My.  They are sooooo comfortable.  You don’t realize how much you have worn down your running shoes until you put on a brand new pair.  It was like walking on a cloud!IMG_8374


Sunday was relaxing, and both kids napped at the same time, yippee!  During nap time I got a loooong shower and started going through some old CDs.  It was so fun to see some old mixes and CDs I listened to over and over again back in the day.  This is one of the gems I found:IMG_8388

A signed Rascal Flatts’ CD.  This is right before they made it REALLY big.  They were playing at a “women’s show” here in Columbus.  They look SOOOO young!

Sunday was also Father’s Day, so Ashton and I walked some cards down to my dad/Papaw.

IMG_8390Ashton loooooooves going for walks outside now, so this pretty much made his day.  That and brushing his teeth.  Hey, whatever floats your boat, kid. 🙂

To wrap it up, on monday I got some serious organizing done.  The kids’ clothes had pretty much taken over the area under the tv lately, so it was time to go through what they could still use, what they could use later on and what they won’t be able to wear again.

These are just Ashton's clothes. Luckily he's been in 2T-4T for a while, so he might be able to wear a lot of his cooler temp clothes again in the fall.

These are just Ashton’s clothes. Luckily he’s been in 2T-4T for a while, so he might be able to wear a lot of his cooler temp clothes again in the fall.

Ashton's newly organized clothes.

Ashton’s newly organized clothes.

The socks organized- his & hers.

The socks organized- his & hers.

Gemma's newly organized clothes.

Gemma’s newly organized clothes.

Much easier to find and get to their clothing now.  Hopefully it can stay organized for a while!

And then there is the Pack & Play.  It had slowly become a storage unit for diapers, wipes, etc, etc, etc…  I want to be able to use it for Gemma sometimes, so I got some clearance storage bins to put stuff in so it can easily be lifted out and Gemma put in.

The finished product.  Now usable for more than storage!

The finished product. Now usable for more than storage!

And that wraps it up!  We are off to Gemma’s 4 month well visit today.  Have a great Tuesday!



One thought on “Over The Weekend (And Monday) – A Wrapup

  1. Cute cute cute. Great organizing too. I think the 80 minute massage “windexed” your mind (to use one of your favorite quotes 😄💓). Xoxo Grannie

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