Ashton Levi Lately

It’s been a while since I have written about Ashton.  Since he is almost TWO (what????) I thought I would write a little about him.

He is awesome.

Okay, well that was a great catch up, see ya later!

Just kidding (well, not kidding about the awesome part).

Ashton is a really, really great kid.  It’s hard to even remember him as a baby, those times really do fly by and seem like a blur.

Baby Ashton burrito.

Baby Ashton burrito.

Now he is just a big (I’m guessing 35+ pounds) fun-loving, good-hearted toddler.

He wakes up happy and hungry.  He eats oatmeal every morning, and doesn’t seem like he is getting sick of it yet.

Breakfast.  (oatmeal not pictured)

Breakfast. (oatmeal not pictured) (crazy bed-head hair pictured)

He plays on his own so wonderfully, and usually starts playing as soon as I let him out of his high chair after breakfast.  He loves a variety of toys, but he especially loves his mega blocks, cooking/food toys and trucks.  And his stuffed animals.  And Elmo. He likes all of his toys. 🙂

As for TV shows, he went through a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse phase where all he wanted to watch was “show!” He called MMCH “show” and I found myself getting those songs stuck in my head ALL THE TIME.  I couldn’t wait for that phase to pass.



Well, it passed.  Now he is obsessed with Super Why!IMG_8107  He calls it “Why” and asks for it all the time.  It wears on me a little, but not as much as Mickey did.  I actually feel like he is learning letters/the alphabet with this show.  He points out letters wherever we go.

I downloaded an episode onto my iPad, so when the satellite or power has gone out, he can be entertained with it.

Can't. Get. Close. Enough.

Can’t. Get. Close. Enough.

He still watches Jeopardy and Wheel Of Fortune in the evenings, and I even got this picture of Ashton and Gemma watching Wheel together. ❤

A family that watches "Wheel" together, stays together.

A family that watches “Wheel” together, stays together.

As for his sleeping, he naps everyday around 1:30 for 2-3 hours.  At night he goes to bed around 8 (after Wheel) and sleeps about 12 hours.  He never really fights it, and people are amazed at how he can go from running around and playing to getting plopped in his crib without a problem in a matter of minutes.  He is happy as a clam to just play around in his crib in the morning, so sometimes he plays in there until 9:30am.  Seriously, it’s so great!

We still go walking about 5 days a week.  He got used to the double stroller, no problems.  He usually has water and crackers that he munches on during the walks.  He loves seeing the dogs and airplanes when we walk.

Speaking of airplanes, I found his toy plane like this a couple days ago.



As for food, he likes his raviolis, but only the cheese ones.



He won’t touch any other with meat, etc. in them.  He loves goldfish crackers, cheez-it crackers, granola bars, honey nut Cheerios, Chex cereal, applesauce, American cheese, mandarin oranges, quinoa (when cheese is melted on it), potato chips and french fries (his dad sneaks him), blueberry pancakes (just started on these), etc.  He drinks only water and milk, but will ONLY drink milk from a bottle still.  He won’t drink it from a cup.  He drinks water just fine from a cup, but that is it.  He doesn’t like juice.  Just water.  Just milk in a bottle.  The end. 🙂  I figure he will eventually grow out of the bottle.  I don’t think he will be drinking out of one when he goes to high school.  I hope.

I had a new baby sitter come over to watch Gemma while I took Ashton to the zoo the other day.  My thought process is to let her stay with each kid separately before unleashing them both on her at once.  When it was time to load Ashton into the van and head to the zoo, he was telling me “bye!”  He wanted me to go ahead and go because he was having fun playing blocks with the babysitter.

I pried him away and we headed to the zoo for a short visit.  It was really nice, and I wished we had more time to spend there.  He loved looking around at the new environment.  He was much littler and unaware of what the zoo was last year when I was taking him, so it is much more fun for both of us now since he can see and identify the animals.

We didn’t get to see many exhibits, but I made sure to go through and see the gorillas, etc.  I thought this would be interesting for him since they can get so close to the glass.  I was wrong.

His "get me away from the gorilla exhibit" face.

His “get me away from the gorilla exhibit” face.


Nope, don't like them.

Nope, don’t like them.  Not even if you hold me.

He was not a fan.  I couldn’t even get his picture with the big fake gorilla.  He just yelled “No! No! No!”

Sorry, fake gorilla.

Sorry, fake gorilla.

He liked the flamingoes and was interested in the merry-go-round… Not exactly the two things I would write home about.  We will work on more animals next time.

That’s about all for this jumbly, bumbly post.  I wanted to get some stuff written down before I forgot, because it’s pretty incredible how quickly I forget different stages.  Like I said, I hardly remember when he was a baby, so I want to have memories to look back on when I can’t remember Ashton as a toddler. ❤


Happy Wednesday! xo


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