37 Random Ramblings

I turned 37 years old on May 29th, so here are 37 random ramblings:


1.  I don’t feel 37.

2.  I don’t know what 37 is supposed to feel like.

3.  My brother and sister-in-law get me the most awesome running shoes (that I walk in), and gifted me another new pair for my b-day.

4.  My husband is pretty awesome.  He drove 16 hours this past weekend to come home for my birthday.

5.  I am now a morning person.  The kids made me do it.

6.  I LOVE coffee.

7.  I love walking.  It is so nice to be getting the miles in again after having Gemma.

8.  I want to get back into yoga.  Prenatal yoga was a big part of my pregnancy with Gemma, and it made me feel great.  I want to continue to practice.

9.  My ulcerative colitis has remained in remission, and I am so thankful for this.

10.  For me, recovery from the c-section was much easier.

11.  I’m consistently wearing shoe size 9.5 (I told you random).

12.  I am a much more confident with my parenting the second time around.

13.  I am much more confident in general now that I am a parent.

14.  I am much more comfortable in my own skin than I ever have been.  Only took 37 years…

15.  I cherish my friendships.  The “real” friendships are few, but strong.  Those are the important ones.

16.  I cherish my family (immediate and extended) more than I ever have.  Family is the MOST important.

17.  My hair is in the best shape in a LOOONG time.  Just in time for it to start falling out (the big postpartum shed).

18.  I have the iPhone 6+ and love it.

19.  I read more now that I have the bigger phone.

20.  I forgot how much I love reading.

21.  I am excited that Ashton is finally getting interested in books and not just chewing on them.

22.  It’s amazing how my mood/outlook on life differentiates with the amount of sleep I get.

23.  I prefer cool weather over the heat.

24.  I eat highly vegetarian, but not exclusively.

25.  I love a really good burger.  My current favorite is from Flip Side at Easton.

26.  I don’t like houseplants.  I don’t want the responsibility of watering them.

27.  I would love a vegetable garden, but I don’t want to plant it.  I just want to do the upkeep and harvesting.

28.  I eat highly gluten free, and notice the difference when I over-indulge in gluten.

29.  I love The Today Show, The Food Network and The Voice.

30.  We watch Jeopardy and Wheel Of Fortune every week night, and over the weekends I actually look forward to Mondays when we will be able to watch them again.

31.  I want to visit Italy, Australia and London (again).

32.  It’s been three years since we got married in Vegas.

33.  I love S’more flavored Luna bars, and eat one almost everyday.

34.  Most of the time I prefer savory over sweet.

35.  I prefer texting over phone calls.  Mostly because it is hard to have a conversation on the phone with two littles.

36.  I wonder what I did with all the free time I had before kids.

37.  I wouldn’t trade having my kids for all the free time in the world.

One thought on “37 Random Ramblings

  1. It sounds like year 37 is off to a great start. Happy Birthday and happy parenting. Loved reading your “Randomness” 💕💕

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