Mother’s Day Weekend Wrapup

Mother’s Day is just winding down and the holiday weekend feels like it just blew in and blew out so quickly.  I am filled with so many emotions, but I’ll save most of those for another day.  For now I can just say that I have always loved my family fiercely, but after becoming a mama almost two years ago (how is Ashton almost two?  It can’t be possible) my emotions and love for ALL of my family members (immediate and extended) has become super sized.

I'm not a grinch, but my heart feels like it has grown!

I’m not a grinch, but my heart feels like it has grown since I took on the role of mom!

The weekend started off with early morning Mom & Baby yoga on Saturday.  My mom came over to watch Ashton while I took Gemma.  Usually she just lays around or nods off during class, but this time Gemma wanted to eat.  The whole time.  She finished her bottle just in time for Savasana (the relaxing at the end of class).



My mom had some plans for that afternoon/evening, so we hung out with her for a little bit after yoga and then she got her stuff together to head home.  We decided we would get a steak dinner carryout on Mother’s Day (the next day) and just hangout then.  As we were chatting in the entry way on her way out, my brother showed up on the front porch with two hands full of flowers!  Surprise!  We had NO IDEA he was doing this, and it was such a wonderful surprise.  My mom was able to cancel her plans, and we all were able to hangout the rest of the day.  We weren’t expecting him to come into town for a couple more weeks, so this was great!

Shortly after my brother arrived, there was another knock at the door… A flower delivery for me from Ashton and Gemma (my husband may have had something to do with this…)!IMG_7860

That must be what Ashton was ordering when he was on the phone recently…IMG_7666

My kitchen counter is now decorated with an assortment of BEAUTIFUL flowers.  Love them.IMG_7903

Ashton loves his Uncle John (we all do), so when he got up from his nap and saw he was here, it was party time!  My brother brought him a new Cincinnati Reds hat, and now that he is getting back into liking hats (Ashton has HATED anything on his head for the last year) he asked for it to be “on” all afternoon.IMG_7862IMG_7869

Gemma just hung out getting spoiled by my mom carrying her around.



More cheeks.

More cheeks.

Mother’s Day ended up being a laid back day.  My mom made bacon and eggs that morning for everyone, yum!  She and my brother watched the kids while I was able to take a nice long (uninterrupted by crying kids) shower.  Ahhhh!  And we took some pics of us and the kids.  I really want to start getting more pictures where I am in the photos too.  So many times moms take tons of photos, but when we go back to look at them, there aren’t any documenting us WITH our kids.  I want Ashton and Gemma to be able to go back and have memories of all of us together, so I am making a point to try and be in more photos now.  Same with me and my mom… we don’t have a lot of pictures together, so she can take this as a warning.  I’m going to be getting more photos of us together. ❤

Here are some of the snapshots from Mother’s Day:IMG_7880IMG_7885

My dad even stopped by and we got some pics with him too!IMG_7897

I just love my mom so much, and after having kids I appreciate her even more.  I hope I can be half the amazing mother that she has been to me.

 Have a wonderful Monday!




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