Gemma Paisley: 2 Weeks New

Before I start, this is us surviving the time change over the weekend…IMG_7046

Ok, on to the update!

It’s been two weeks since baby Gemma was born.  It has flown by, but at the same time it kind of feels like she has always been here.  It is funny how before her arrival I wondered how it would be possible to love another child like I love Ashton, and the BOOM, my heart opened up and grew and I now feel like I love them both more than I ever loved anything before in my life.  I think having Gemma has made me softer and more loving than I have ever been.  Ok, I am off my sappy-sweet soapbox.  For a minute, anyway.

Kisses for his sister the first day home <3

Kisses for his sister the first day home ❤

As for Gemma?  She is doing great!  At her five-day appointment she had gained a few ounces back.  She was up to 7’11”, only a few ounces shy of her birth weight.  I think she has probably reached her birth weight and maybe a couple ounces past now, but we will find out this week at her two week appointment.  She is eating great and breast feeding is going smoothly.  Right on her two week mark, she had a major feast.  She seemed to want to nurse about every 30 minutes!  I felt like that whole day was spent nursing and (me) trying to eat to keep up with it.  By the next day she was back to more of a routine (as routine as a newborn can be), and I was able to do more than just sit on the couch and feed her.

Post-milk coma.

Post-milk coma.

She still wears newborn sized clothing and diapers (although sometimes she will wear size 1 diapers if that is what I reach for, they are just a little big).  I tried to put three month clothes on her, and they are just way too big.  It is so crazy to actually have a baby that wears newborn clothing since Ashton was never able to wear them comfortably.

I have had a LOT of fun dressing her up with hair bows!  The girlie things are SO. MUCH. FUN.

Ohio State spirit!

Ohio State spirit!

Littlest Buckeye!

Littlest Buckeye!

All the pink bows <3

All the pink bows ❤

Her sleeping is going nicely.  The first week I slept downstairs in the recliner (so I wouldn’t have to do stairs), but now we all sleep up in our bedroom.  She sleeps in a little sleeper next to my side of the bed.  She eats around 10:30-11pm and then sleeps for about three hours.  Around 2am she eats and then goes back to sleep for a couple hours and then does the same thing one more time.  I think I have been averaging about 7 hours of (broken) sleep, which has been great!  I have been feeling more rested than I have in a while since I wasn’t sleeping well for the last month or so of pregnancy.  Yes, getting up to feed her during the night is rough, but it seems to go quickly and then I can crash out again.



More sleeping...

More sleeping…

Gemma seems to be an easy newborn, but I think anything would seem easier than last time.  Ashton was a bit of a fussy baby and I was super sick, so it was a whole different animal.  Gemma only cries if she is hungry or getting a diaper change.  The girl does not like those diaper changes!

What was left of her umbilical cord just fell off, so now she has a normal looking belly button.  This makes the diapering a lot easier.  Right around the two week mark she also started becoming more alert and opening her eyes more.  I am not sure what color her eyes are yet, they seem to look different in different lighting.

Ashton is adjusting without much of a problem.  He loves to give Gemma kisses, and is genuinely concerned when she cries.  There have been a couple times where his eyes well up and he gets visibly upset when she cries.  It makes me want to cry!  He is such a big bruiser of a kid, but he has such a big heart and can be so sensitive. ❤

He's already a protective big brother.

He’s already a protective big brother.

Lounging before bedtime.

Lounging before bedtime.

Happy Monday!

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