My Journey Through Pregnancies With Ulcerative Colitis: Part 2

DISCLAIMER (again): I am not a doctor of any sort. This is just my story with information I have collected through my 15+ years living with Ulcerative Colitis. The medical information is written in lay terminology, which is how I understand and explain it the best.

Welcome back!  If you made it through Part 1, thank you for hanging in there and reading on!  🙂


So after being in remission for a while and getting my life back, I got pregnant again!  This time, I was armed with a lot of knowledge.  One of my first calls was to my gastro doctor who was super cool about it and very excited for me.  He actually called me from vacation to make a plan for the pregnancy to keep me healthy.  It doesn’t get much better than that.

He got me all set up with a new OBGYN that would deliver at the hospital where his practice works so they could work together, and got me set up with a separate high-risk maternal fetal doctor.  I had appointments with both of these doctors early on, and the consensus was unanimous:  Continue with the Remicade infusions until week 30, and then do an infusion right after delivery.  It was also decided to do a scheduled c-section due to the combination of my rough delivery with Ashton and the colitis.

Both the continuing of the Remicade and the c-section were scary to me at first, but the more I read up on them and talked to the doctors, the more convinced and at peace I was about the decision.  You see, Remicade is too large of a protein to cross the placenta.  Even if some of it was to cross, it isn’t risky.  The same with breast feeding while on the medication.  Even if some of it would cross into the breast milk, the baby would digest it and it wouldn’t be an issue.  I am thrilled to be able to give breast feeding another shot while keeping my health in check.

As for the c-section, I was nervous because I didn’t want my baby to miss out on the health benefits of a vaginal delivery.  But after a few conversations with my OBGYN and reading other scheduled c-section stories, I knew it was the right decision.  My OB was concerned about the health problems I could have (on top of the colitis) if I tore again (fistula, incontinence, etc).  Reading about those issues was enough to get me on board the cesarian train.

I haven’t had any problems with my colitis during this whole pregnancy, and I am praying that I stay in remission after delivery.  A remicade infusion is scheduled for two days post c-section while I am still in the hospital (the same hospital I had my first infusion).  I think this will be so great to be able to come home on the best possible foot after having the baby.  This time, I am planning on focusing on ENJOYING my new baby instead of being miserable and sick like last time.

So with a week left in this pregnancy, that is where my health and I stand!  I am looking forward to documenting my recovery and postpartum experience this time around.  I am also looking forward to going into more detailed posts about some of the topics I grazed over in these two posts.  I have a lot to say about many things mentioned, but for now I wanted to get the basics out there.

If anyone has any questions, PLEASE ASK!!!!

Thank you for taking time to read my story.



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