Ashton’s First Haircut

After 18 months, Ashton got his first haircut!

During & After

During & After

I’ve trimmed his bangs a couple times (there’s a reason I don’t cut people’s hair for a living), but that is it.  So last Thursday we bit the bullet and took him to get an honest-to-goodness haircut.

Ashton Levi was born with some HAIR!  It was dark, wavy, and even the nurse who gave him his first bath brought him back to our hospital room and said “I didn’t know what to do with his hair!” Ha!

Crazy Newborn Hair

Crazy Newborn Hair

He sported many a "faux hawk"

He sported many a “faux hawk”

After a few months a lot of it fell out, and he was left with a nice combover…

Was he coming in for a landing or taking off?  Hmmm....

Was he coming in for a landing or taking off? Hmmm….

And after it fell out, it grew back in blonde!  And it just kept growing.  He still has some curls in the back, but now that it is winter and the humidity is gone, it has been straight.  And when it’s straight it looks even longer.

After the last butcher job I did with his bangs, I decided to try and let them grow and just work with his cowlicks to keep them out of his face.  So we tried gel and mousse to keep them slicked back and out of his eyes.

Hair was constantly getting in his eyes!

Hair was constantly getting in his eyes!

He's not a fan of this "business" look.

He’s not a fan of this “business” look.


A few weeks later brings us to last Thursday (January 29) when we decided to take him to Cookie Cutters.  I have seen some other friends post pictures on Facebook about this place and it looked like they would know how to handle a squirmy toddler.  And DID THEY EVER!

The place was awesome.  There were little kids and big kids in there.  There was a play area/tree house for the wait which Ashton loved.IMG_6447


And then when it was time for the haircut (he wasn’t happy to leave the play area) we took him over to pick a seat.  There were five or so different cars/trucks/tractors to choose from to sit in.  They all have buckles to keep the kiddos in and a tv with cartoons playing to watch.  Ashton sat in the taxi cab.IMG_6452

He wasn’t too sure about it at first, and the sucker they gave him didn’t help.IMG_6450IMG_6456

He didn’t cry or fuss too much, it was actually really painless!  He liked holding the combs that the sweet hairdresser gave him to hold (since he only held the sucker for 4 seconds).  She even got his one little matt out of the back of his hair that I thought would just have to be cut out.

She shaped it all up, his bangs stay out of his face and he doesn’t look like he has a mullet!  We’ll call it a win!

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