Weekend Wrap-Up

This long weekend (it was a long weekend in Ohio because of the National Championship game the Buckeyes played in) wrap-up is full of randomness, but it was a great weekend.  Friday we got tired of being stuck inside because of the cold weather, and we headed out to COSI.  We ended up loving it so much, we got a membership.  It will be so great to have a place to go and let Ashton run around (and get the adults out of the house more) during the winter.  Ashton loved it so much, and made it very clear how unhappy he was when it was time to go… yikes!

Fake chickens

Fake chickens


Always busy "working"

Always busy “working”

Saturday I got up and baked Shauna Niequist’s breakfast cookies (for the zillionth time).  Yum!  Her recipes never disappoint.

Vegan, Gluten Free, Oatmeal Banana Chocolate Chip

Vegan, Gluten Free, Oatmeal Banana Chocolate Chip

My mom came over to watch Ashton so my husband and I could go out and do some errands and just be kid-free for a few hours.  It was great, but every place we went was so busy.  The sun was shining and I think the people of central Ohio all had cabin fever from the week.

We went to Mellow Mushroom for a yummy lunch.  I LOVE their enlightened spinach salad!  We also (FINALLY) got a DVD player… Yippee!!!  I will finally get to watch Frozen!  We went to the mall for a bit, but man was it busy.  We got what we went for and then left.  Last up, Whole Foods.  They were having their big vitamin sale.  25% off is something I couldn’t miss.  I loaded up on some vitamins and then we headed home.

Saturday was an early-to-bed night, because Sunday morning was going to be a busy one.  Ashton got baptized Sunday, and it was really special.  We had gotten him an outfit the day before at the mall, and luckily the shirt fit.  The shoes did not.  We thought they might be big on him, but we were wrong.  He is just so big for his age!  Anyway, we got ready and headed to church.  We knew it would be interesting, and we were right, ha!  Ashton is into running around like a free bird, and he is not into being contained.  He had the whole congregation laughing, got baptized and then we toted him off to the nursery to play while we enjoyed the wonderful message.  We really love our pastor, and he did a great job with the whole thing.

Ashton Baptism

Ashton Baptism

Sunday afternoon the weather was really decent, so I finally got to take Ashton for a long walk (a nap in the stroller for him).  I needed it.  I love my walks, and I can tell a difference in my energy level and my personality when I don’t get to go out and walk for a while.  It is so crazy how expending energy can actually give me more.  My pace is waaaay slower now, but I don’t care.

After the walk, I went on a solo trip to Target.  Sounds boring, but it was so nice!

Excited for a solo Target trip :)

Excited for a solo Target trip 🙂

After Target I made some relish vegan “cheesy” kale in the oven.IMG_6212

I have been eating it plain and with the maple chickpeas I roasted.IMG_6220  The chickpeas are incredible!IMG_6218

I guess I have been trying to up my veggie intake, because in the evening I have been snacking on stuff like this:

Carrots, Celery, Mary's Crackers, Hummus

Carrots, Celery, Mary’s Crackers, Hummus

And then Monday… I am considering Monday part of the weekend, because it is basically a holiday here in Columbus, Ohio.  The Buckeyes (my alma-mater) were playing for the national championship title… AND WON!!!!!  WOOOHOO!!!  I found this pic of Ashton as a Buckeye throwback.

How is this the same kid???

How is this the same kid???

Seriously, I barely remember him being that little.  Time really does fly!  I am definitely going to make a strong effort to soak up every little bit (good, bad, sleepless, etc) of the new baby girl’s newborn phase.  It passes so fast!

One thought on “Weekend Wrap-Up

  1. He is so tiny in that last picture! Do you have a picture of him in his baptism outfit? Sounds like an awesome weekend!

    p.s. Any mention of Frozen immediately puts “Let it gooooooooo” in my head and I cannot let it go!
    p.p.s. See you tomorrow!

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