Over The Weekend

This weekend started a little rough, but ended nicely.  Nothing cures a bad day like a good cry and some DELICIOUS gluten free goodies that my mom brought me from Cherbourg Bakery.  That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.  I’m almost eight months pregnant, so let me have my little victories however I get them 😉

Bad lighting, yummy goodies.

Bad lighting, yummy goodies.

Cherbourg is this awesome local bakery/cafe I recently discovered after my totally awesome hair stylist told me about it.  It is all gluten AND nut free, and everything I have tried from there has been divine.  This chocolate/cream cheese cupcake that my mom brought this weekend was hands-down my favorite so far, though.  I didn’t want it to end.  It was so good, that I devoured it before getting a picture of it individually.

I also got (hopefully) all of the remaining Christmas cards sent out… cutting it close!  This was Ashton’s visit with Santa that turned into a pretty classic picture.  We turned it into our Christmas card this year, because it was just too funny not to share.



I also attended my first non-prenatal yoga class at Yoga On High.  It was a beginner Hatha class, and it was really great.  I am looking forward to going back to another one and also trying a Hatha level 1 class.  After over a week off from taking any classes, it was just what the doctor ordered.

Saturday evening, I FINALLY watched Love Actually.

Soooooo Good!

Soooooo Good!

One of my good friends has been telling me to watch it for years.  I don’t know why I waited so long, it is now one of my favorite movies.  You’ll laugh, you’ll cry… Fine holiday fun! 😉  Seriously though, it was SO good, I will probably be watching it again in the next day or so.  Even better, I started watching it in the evening (about an hour before Ashton’s bedtime) when he tends to be clingy/fussy, and he just played in the room with me and watched some of it too.  I think I might be watching more movies now that I figured out this little “trick.”  Sounds like a good plan for these last two months of my pregnancy.

Sunday, I got to do some Christmas shopping.  The weather actually turned a lot more mild, and the sun was finally shining.  I braved the crowds and headed to Easton.  It was surprisingly not too crazy.  I got a good parking spot at Nordstrom and walked around all over the place.  I got a few gifts and looked at these DKNY pajamas that Shay has been raving about.  They do look super cozy!

I got a lot of walking in over the weekend.  Sunday I had so much energy and the weather was so nice, that I went on two walks (on top of the walking while shopping).  The second walk was really more because Ashton didn’t nap long and I thought we could go look at some of the neighborhood Christmas decorations/lights.  By nighttime though, I was feeling it.  This was what my Jawbone Up24 App said:

Lots of steps!

Lots of steps!

I definitely overdid it.  I was over-tired and my belly/round ligament area felt heavy.  I am not going to push it like that anymore, even if I am feeling great.  It made me more tired today, so I am just going to take it easy on the exercise today.

Happy Monday!



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