26 Weeks (Second Pregnancy)

Finally LIVE!  Real time pregnancy updates before this nugette arrives!

Wow, 26 weeks!  I am almost to the THIRD trimester.  What?!?!  These weeks are absolutely flying by, but they are going really, really well.


The Baby:

  • This week she is the length of an English Cucumber (about 14 inches long), and weighs about a pound and two-thirds.
  • I am feeling tons of (strong) kicks/punches all day and night.  She definitely is having major dance parties at night.  I can even see some of them through my shirt.
  • She responds to noises/voices now.  I think she knows Ashton’s voice, because she moves a lot when he is jabbering close by.  A few times when he has been laying his head on my belly, she has kicked and made his head move, haha!

How I am Feeling:

  • I am feeling really good 🙂  I have energy, I sleep pretty good and wake up feeling pretty rested.
  • I walk with Ashton in the stroller about 5 days a week.  I am slower, but we still do about 3-4 miles at a day when we walk.  I have also been doing prenatal yoga which I LOVE!
  • By nighttime I am pretty tired, but that is good because I have been able to go to bed a little bit earlier.  I am really trying to get all the sleep I can right now, knowing how sleepless those first newborn weeks can be.
  • The only sleep issues I have had are a little bit of restless legs at night when I first lay down, and sometimes problems going back to sleep if I wake up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night.  But to be honest, i’ve never been good at falling back to sleep at night when I get up, pregnant or not.
  • I’ve had a little bit of heart burn (nothing severe) pretty regularly.  Maybe this means a headful of hair for the nuggette? I only got heartburn towards the end of my pregnancy with Ashton, and he had a ton of wild hair!
  • My hair is great!  It is growing so fast and getting so thick… I am REALLY dreading the point postpartum when it all starts shedding again.  Booooo!  It’s really strange, with Ashton, my hair didn’t grow much at all and didn’t seem any thicker.  Maybe it is the female hormones from being pregnant with a girl this time.
  • No stretch marks yet, and hoping it stays that way.  I didn’t get any with Ashton either, so hopefully it is hereditary and they stay at bay.
  • No real aversions to food, but no real cravings either.  Everything pretty much sounds good.  I eat a lot of Luna/Clif Bars, overnight oats, veggies, fruit.  Not much meat, not a lot of gluten.  I feel a lot better when I avoid gluten, I have found.

Random Things:

  • This week I have my monthly OBGYN appointment and the glucose test.  A lot of people seem to dread the glucose test, but I really don’t think it is that bad.
  • My belly is getting bigger and bigger, my winter coat is just at the point where it isn’t going to zip in a week (maybe sooner).  I found a great deal on a big coat from The Gap that will work for the rest of the pregnancy, even with layers underneath.  So, I plan on continuing the walks outside as long as possible.
  • I look pregnant enough that people comment on it or ask my due date without fear of being wrong 🙂  That is always fun, but it also catches me off guard sometimes too.
  • Things like doing dishes and putting Ashton in his crib are interesting… I have to turn a bit sideways, because my belly gets in the way to stand normally, ha!
  • Putting on shoes and socks is becoming more of a chore.  Slip-ons are the best, but with the cold weather, there aren’t many options.

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