Second Pregnancy: Weeks 15-19 (Continued Pregnancy Catch-up)

***Almost caught up!  I think the next update will be in real-time…woohoo!***

So these weeks were somewhat uneventful (which is good), so this update will be semi-short and sweet.  We had the anatomy ultrasound which is so cool.  The detail is so incredible.  The baby looked perfect, healthy and it was confirmed again that she is definitely a girl 🙂

Appetite-wise I was wanted lots of veggies and cold stuff.  Lots of popsicles.  Some of that I attribute to the warm weather, though.  My only real aversion was pizza.  I couldn’t stand the smell, thought or sight of it.  My mom and her sisters were over one evening watching Ashton so I could go to a wedding with my hubby.  They ordered pizza, and my one aunt made them eat it in the garage so I wouldn’t come home and smell it.  ❤ That is compassion, folks.

Symptom-wise, the nausea and joint pain were gone.  But wouldn’t you know another one cropped up.  Poison Ivy.  UGH!  Seriously, I just wanted a little stretch of symptom-free pregnancy.  It was so random to get poison ivy at the end of summer/beginning of fall.  I can’t even remember the last time I had it.  It was on my arm, in between a few fingers and neck.

Well, a few weeks later I was still having some itching.  Not as bad, no bumps, just dry, red, itchy skin.  It was keeping me awake at night and uncomfortable during the day sometimes.  So after some googling (I know, don’t google symptoms), I actually think I have some pregnancy-induced eczema.  Glamourous.  It is pretty much subsided now, but it makes sense since poison ivy wouldn’t have lasted that long.

Enough of the annoying symptoms.  One of the best things that happened during these weeks?  I started to feel the baby move! ❤  At my ultrasound the tech said my placenta is posterior, which is opposite of my anterior one with Ashton.  With Ashton, it took a lot longer to feel the kicks since my placenta was basically a buffer between him and me.  The tech said this pregnancy will be much different (it already is) because without the buffer, the kicks and moves will be felt much earlier and stronger.  I love it, though.  One of the things I missed most after Ashton was born was being able to feel him kick inside my belly.  It’s kind of a special bond with the baby before sharing them with the world.  Keep on kickin’ baby girl!


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