Where’s My Sleeper?

Today was a DAY!  Whew!  I have to remember that good and bad, everything is a phase with kids.  But today wore. me. out.

My rockstar sleeper (12 hours a night and a nap during the day) decided that 2:45 this morning was a good time to cry.  And cry.  And scream.  What???  Every now and then he will cry in the night, but it’s like he is having a dream and isn’t awake.  When that happens he usually only cries for a minute or less.  This went on.

So I went into his room, got him out of the crib, changed him and rocked him for a while.  He calmed down and seemed as though he would go back to bed and fall asleep.  Wrong.  The crying and screaming ensued.  So I got a bottle and went back in and fed him. It was like deja vu from when he was a baby.  I LOVE the snuggles, but would prefer them during the daytime.  Anyway, he ate and then I rocked him more.  It seemed like he was dozing off, so I put him back to bed.  By this time, a few hours had passed.  He cried again, but ended up laying down quickly and soothing himself to sleep.  That stretch of sleep lasted about 45 minutes to an hour, and then he woke for his “typical” morning wake up time.

Today I REALLY missed being able to drink a lot of coffee.  But we survived.

I think it has to do with his teething.  Or just getting used to his growing body.  I wish he could tell me what was wrong.

I gave him a bath tonight with some lavender essential oil in it (that stuff works miracles), and he was in a much better mood after.  The whole day was pretty much a fussy-fest for him.  We kept everything low-key and relaxed all evening, and he went to bed easily and fell asleep quickly.

I am praying tonight he sleeps through the night like he normally does and wakes up refreshed and happy 🙂

But even when he has a rough day, he is still the cutest thing in the world. ❤


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