Out Of Order Pregnancy Update

*** This was supposed to precede my last pregnancy update, but my brain forgot.  I am actually 19 weeks pregnant now, but this was the recap of the early weeks when I was feeling horrible.  Thank goodness that is in the past!

Weeks 6-11
I am currently 11 weeks pregnant, but let me recap the last five…
Some switch was flipped after hitting the six week mark, and all-day nausea kicked in. It would start when I woke up and gradually get worse throughout the day. By evening I couldn’t stomach anything. I pretty much lived on fruit (luckily it is summer and peak fruit season) and sparkling water with a splash of cranberry juice.
I had food aversions when I was pregnant with Ashton, but nothing like this nausea. I never actually threw up these last 5 weeks, just the constant feeling like I was going to (TMI? After having a baby, there’s really no such thing as TMI).
I was also hit with the typical first trimester exhaustion. Luckily Ashton naps twice a day, so during his afternoon nap I would usually catch a power nap to survive.
Luckily sleep has been unaffected by my nausea (praise The Lord)! I actually have been going to bed earlier and getting extra sleep.
To sum it up:
Weeks 6-11 = Nauseated
Come on second trimester, you can’t get here fast enough! 🙂

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