(Back When I Was) 6 Weeks Pregnant

*** Here is what I wrote at 6 weeks (I am currently 18 weeks).  I am determined to get caught up to current by October 1  ***


6 Weeks
So yesterday I hit the six week mark (even though I just found out I was expecting…weird pregnancy math). This little bean is the size of a sweet pea or a lentil right now, but growing fast. The heart is beating and lots important organ forming is going on.

I am starting to feel a little more fatigued than normal. I have been sleeping like a rock lately at night, which is sooo nice. I haven’t felt any nausea, but some things that I typically enjoy are starting to sound not-so-appetizing. That is pretty much what happened with Ashton. I can deal with aversions if I escape morning sickness again!

I am trying to decide when to tell everyone else. I swear I feel like my stomach is already poking out a bit, but i’m sure that is just in my head… or it’s bloating. I think we will tell the family after hearing the heartbeat. That appointment is just under two weeks away. I hope the time flies, because I am chomping at the bit to hear and see this little nugget!

On another note, is it possible to be nesting already? Just kidding (sort of). I have been on a cleaning/de-cluttering/organizing kick all of a sudden. Maybe it is my body telling me to do it now while I have the time and energy. Or, maybe it’s delayed spring cleaning.

I am going to write about this pregnancy when I can and when I am inspired. I hope I can be more consistent about blogging, but I’m just going to play it by ear. Right now it is my only outlet until I tell others 🙂

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