Baby #2 Coming in 2015!

*** I started writing some posts back when I first found out I was pregnant (I am now 15 weeks along).  It was my way to “talk” about it before my husband and I told anyone.  I am going to post them up so I have them to look back on in months/years to come 🙂  Here is the first one I put together… Others to follow soon!***


Whoa!  Am I seeing what I think I’m seeing?

I felt a little “different” last week, but having a very mobile 11month old keeps me on my toes, and mind off of the “different” feelings.  I was a little extra tired/sluggish and I was hungry all the time!  A little light headed if I didn’t eat more regularly/often than I typically do.  Then I was late.  But even this didn’t seem too out of the ordinary.

So just to check and see, I took a test.


And then another.


And then another.




Yep, this is happening!

Am I shocked?  Yes.  Am I excited?  Yes, yes, yes!!!  Ashton has older half-siblings, but I had been thinking it would be nice if he had a little brother/sister to add to the group 🙂  Picturing him with a little one makes my heart want to EXPLODE!  This is such a gift from God, and I am so thankful.

I am so healthy now after all I went through after having Ashton.  And knowing what I know now about Ulcerative Colitis/Autoimmune disease and pregnancy, my doctors and I will keep everything in check and monitored to make sure the baby and I stay healthy during and after the pregnancy.

Now all I have to do is keep it a secret for a while… This will be so hard the next few weeks (and especially since everything I have read and mom friends have said that you start to show much earlier with the 2nd baby)!!!!

2 thoughts on “Baby #2 Coming in 2015!

  1. I love you so much and loving already loving on our new little girl. She and Ash will be best buds 💓💓xoxoxo. Grannie

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