Wednesday Musings About Monday

I was planning on writing “Monday Musings” this week, but Monday disappeared in a flash.  The flash was caused by the excitement of Ashton’s first tooth poking through, and then the fussiness that followed.  He hasn’t been a terrible teether… just a bit fussier at night than his norm.  Then “Tuesday Musings” passed.  So now it’s Wednesday, but I still want to talk about Monday.

Monday was an extra good day.  We got up (earlier than normal, due to the teething), played and then Ashton and I went to visit a good friend and her mom.  Ashton was a little fussy at first, but had a bottle and then was Mr. Personality. He is just so happy and smiles at everyone.  He warms up to new people quickly, and that makes me sooooo happy!

But what really moved me was when my friend’s mom made a comment that she could tell I really love and enjoy being a mom.  It really made me stop and think… Yes, I do. I really, really love being a mama!!  She didn’t even realize it, but it was such a huge compliment.  The fact that she could see me interact with Ashton and conclude that I enjoy it just warmed my heart.

I want people to see it in my face when I am passionate about something.  When it is unspoken and others can see it in you, the passion, the love… it’s authentic.

I love being Ashton’s mama.  Each day I learn more about him and more about myself.  These days are so special.

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