Baby Boot Camp

Sooooo, we had (notice the past-tense, thank goodness) a sleeping problem over here.  Well, sleep wasn’t the actual  problem, it was more the location that was the problem.

Ashton has slept in this:


Lovingly dubbed the “bunny hole” by my Aunt Brenda.

And he’s slept in this (it actually lays flatter than this pic):


A little better to sleep in than the “bunny hole.”

But he would not sleep in his crib!  Like I said, it was just the location that was the problem.  He was sleeping 8-10 hours a night in the above beds, so I was a bit nervous about trying to move him into the crib.  Would he sleep less?  We had to find out because he had pretty much outgrown all other options.

Enter… Baby Boot Camp!  Basically my way of sleep-training him to his crib.  I’ve read and read and read about sleep training, and decided to adapt some of the techniques to get the little (not so little) munchkin to catch his zzzz’s in the crib.  I used this post that Caitlin wrote, this one that Kath wrote and this book to guide me along.

I decided to do controlled comforting, which is going in to comfort in certain time-increments if he is crying.  I wouldn’t pick him up, just soothe him by talking, singing or patting him.

The first night, he went down and started crying.  This lasted a little less than an hour, and I went in every 10 minutes for about a minute.  Finally asleep, and I thought I was golden.  Nope.  Around 1am he woke up screaming, I woke up with indigestion and I caved.  I got him out of the crib, laid him in the middle of our bed while I went to grab a bottle.  In the 20 seconds I was gone, he fell asleep.  On our bed.

Ashton:1 – Baby Boot Camp: 0

So at 1:15am, I decided we would start fresh the next day.  Grace is a wonderful thing!

The next night I was armed.  I had to be consistent (a VERY important part of the whole thing) and toughen up.  So at 8pm, he was put to bed and cried.  Hard.  But, I stuck to my guns.  I went in every 12 minutes because his crying calmed.  I went in three times, and shortly after the third time, he was out.  Woohoo!  But, I was prepared in case he woke up in the night like he had the previous night.  Fortunately, he slept ALL NIGHT LONG!  He woke up around 8:15am and we celebrated.

The third night, I kept with the 8pm bedtime (which is heavenly since he was previously staying up anywhere from 9-11:30pm).  This time, I only had to console him twice and then he was out… until 8:30am!  It was starting to work!

The fourth night I only had to console once and he slept until almost 9am.  This has continued for a week.  Now I rarely have to go in to comfort and he sleeps 11-13 hours a night.  I couldn’t be happier about this!!!!

Now we have a happy, crib-sleeping and rested baby on our hands.  And, we have some of our life back getting his sleep times under control.

Happy Baby!

Happy Baby!

Only one time did I come home from running errands and find that he got spoiled and was able to hangout in his “bunny hole.”



With that face?  I’ll let it slide this time…


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