Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

Brrrrrrrrrr!!!!!  Seriously, the temperature is 0 degrees right now.  I don’t even want to talk about the wind chill.  So, today we are hunkering down, staying in and I don’t mind one bit!

I stocked up on some food-things yesterday, ran errands and made sure we wouldn’t need to go out for anything.  Well, then last night as I was reading through Shauna Neiquist’s book I found a recipe for enchiladas that I want to make ASAP.  It’ll probably have to wait, but until then I am drooling dreaming about it.

So today I’ll be hanging out with this guy:IMG_0088

And working on napping in the crib:


And maybe some reading, catching up on some shows (Parenthood and actually starting season one of Downton Abbey) and quality time with the hubby.

Stay warm!


2 thoughts on “Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

    • I watched the last episode of Parenthood, now I’ll see if I can get time for DA. I was so jealous of everyone watching the season premier last night 🙂

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